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Our network:

KitCom Comunicaciones in Costa Rica operates a Marketing Network that combine:


The network moves close to 15 000 reservations per month, all are forwarded directly to the Hotel owner so there is not commissions to be pay to KitCom, and the Hotel owners negotiate directly with the potential guest all the payments and conditions related with the reservations.



The main reason for the success of the network comes from:

  • Sound and well tested techniques on the use of Organic Listing on the two main search engines.

Just type "hotels Jaco" at and see the results, or type "Inns Costa Rica" or "Hotels Reservations In Costa Rica", "Hotels Marketing Costa Rica",..and some others..

  • Access to unique information/expertise related with the target market of our clients.

  • Placing as many options  as possible (last count 1500 hotels) in the hands of the end user and let him make the choice. Please take a look at the large selecction of hotels at:     900+ visitors per day     700+ visitors per day       250+ visitors per day     1600+ visitors per day     90+ visitors per day     250+ visitors per day     90+ visitor per day     80+ visitors per day     110+ visitors per day     900+ visitors per day     8000+ visitors per day     60+ visitors per day     90+ visitors per day     60+ visitors per day     150+ visitors per day     110+ visitors per day

( updated data on 02-01-2014 )

PPC or Adwords.

If you need to explore the options of PPC or Adwords..we do have the expertise to give you a hand...we manage thousands of Dollars per month for our clients that use Adwords campaigns  to promote their business...We know what works...we do know what do not to us.


Social Media

Social Media open up some additional channels for marketing, it is great for some  products and is a waste of time for other products or services....the key point here is to be able to measure the Return over the Investment or ROI for those channels, and the fact that there is always a positive way to use those technologies.


Other relevant information



The true is that...there are millions of Internet users worldwide,  but only a few are considering Costa Rica for pleasure or business. So it is wise to advertise on the places that are already getting targeted visitors, rather than trying to convert users that are not even aware that Costa Rica exist.


Simple and relevant facts:

1 -  80% of Internet users do not look further than the first page, you need to be on the first page.

2 - Getting found by using your company name on search engines works only for people that already know your company is alive, new potential clients will search for the products or services you sell.

2 -  Only 1-2% of people click on PPC adds, so the rest of people will pay attention to the organic listing because they know those are not being "push" to click on.

3 -  Most of the time the people that click on the pay adds do it because were not able to find some relevant links on the organic listing.

4 - You get what you pay hosting will bring you only more business.




SEO / SEM Information related with Hotels, Cabins and Villas.


- Are you  aware of how many people search on the Internet for the keywords related with your core business county wide?..we have done our homework and have used Data Mining techniques to dig out that far the following areas are covered...some more will come as we move along with this project.

Have you ever wonder how many times people does search for the "keywords related with your business"?, click here and you will see some of the data we found as part of our "Data Mining Activities", all keywords listed are country wide and are related with real time searches.


- Manuel Antonio and Quepos zone click here to see the relevant information we have found for that zone. The keywords are listed together with the frequency they are used in one single month ( november 2013 ). All keywords are tracked in real time.



- Mal País....If you running a Hotel, Cabin, or a Villa in the zone of Mal País, Click here to see the relevant information we have found for that town. The keywords are listed together with the frequency they were used in one single month. All keywords/searches were tracked in real time.



- Samara Beach...  if you running a Hotel, Cabin, or a Villa in the zone of Samara Beach, Click here to see the relevant information we have found for that zone. The keywords are listed together with the frequency they were used in one single month. All keywords/searches were tracked in real time.



- Liberia and Guanacaste  coming soon


- Playas del Coco y Playa Panama...coming soon.




Tripadvisor listing and other details


- Should I pay for Tripadvisor listing?


We had done a lot of research on Tripadvisor different listing options, features, reviews policies and control, regarding how to measure the return on the investment, click here to see some of the results.


To make it short.....most of the time you would not need to pay for any type of listing, instead you should focus on take good care of your customers once they get to your place and make sure they would  not leave without having the opportunity of providing clear and sharp feedback in case something went wrong with the service...if you do is very unlikely they will go to do the dirty laundry to TA.


Also keep in consideration that

- Even if you pay TA for a simple listing..they will display Ads of OTAs close to your reviews, these OTAs will be competting with you even if you pay TA

- TA is not an open search engine for is "reputation management" of hotels and tourism related services.

- TA generate very low traffic to your place compared to the organic traffic you can get from

- Most of the traffic funneled to TA is sent by the same hotels, your hotel sent potential guest to TA and then they come back to you or they get grab by other promotions made by OTAs.



Our network was created back in 1997, and there are different ways to be part of it:

  • Do the hosting with KitCom under any yearly hosting Plan that cost more than usd$480, you get listed on our network without any additional cost and we will request to list your site too ....Organically.

  • Get a Link from any of our sites to yours for only usd$150 per year, or a Link Pack of usd$480 that will get you  listed on all our sites that are related with your business.

  • Promote your place with a banner,  prices start up at usd$600 per year, this will algo get you Link on all our sites.



All sales are final


Order a Link

"Our links are great to generated filtered traffic and better ranking  on search engines.

If you order more than one link or links on more than one site you will get a discount."


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All sales are final





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